Are you paying for high cooling costs each month? Does your A/C annoyingly fail too often? Or, your system is simply inching closer to its retirement age?

If your answer is YES, then you need a replacement!

Doing the upgrade this spring gives you enough time to choose the right system while the weather is still bearable. Here are the benefits of spring air conditioning replacement in Kiefer, OK:

Efficient Cooling System

Old air conditioners can consume more energy, especially if their parts run faulty. Repairing them can’t even guarantee a good and lasting performance. By installing a new air conditioner this spring, you can lower your cooling costs while enjoying optimum comfort. Talk with your local HVAC contractor in Kiefer, OK to get expert recommendations about energy-efficient air conditioning units.

Longer Service Life

Years ago, you could be lucky if your cooling system lived past a decade. But nowadays, air conditioners are designed with durability, giving you optimum comfort for years. Modern A/C systems typically require few repairs, and they’re more energy-efficient compared to outdated units.

Be sure to sign up for a preventive maintenance agreement to handle the care for your  new comfort equipment.

Parts and Labor Warranty

A/C manufacturers nowadays make sure to provide the best cooling products to consumers. Besides, they also offer warranty upon the consumers’ purchase to cover the parts and labor expenses. This is a good deal for you to save some cash when your unit requires services.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

It’s no secret that our environment nowadays becomes extremely polluted. Having a malfunctioning and outdated air conditioning working in your home can even add to the stress of our ecosystem. But by investing in new and environmental-friendly A/C in Kiefer, OK, you can both lower your utility bills and give our environment the care it deserves. 

Improves Your Home’s Value

Planning to market your home in the future? Then make sure your cooling system is in good working condition. Homebuyers usually look for houses they can move in without dealing with any stressful renovation and improvement matters. Start your home improvement task by upgrading your air conditioning system today.

With newer A/C units, you can enjoy all these benefits. Buying a new air conditioner, however, isn’t an easy process as you need to find the right size suited for your home—but that’s not a problem!

Contact us at Accu-Air. We can conduct an expert load calculation to find a system that fits your home and comfort demands.