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Furnace Replacement

Is it time to replace your heating and air conditioning system? With fall here and winter only weeks away, it may be time for furnace replacement. Here are some things to consider before really cold weather sets in.

Repairs – If you spent money on repairs to your heating system last year, and may be facing more of the same Tulsa furnace repair this year, isn’t it time to look into a new, reliable system?

Performance – Your system should perform well enough to keep you and your house warm. It doesn’t need to be 80 degrees inside your home in the winter, but it should stay comfortable. If your heating and air conditioning bills from last year cost you more than it should have, you need to look into a new system that performs better and will save you money. Time for furnace replacement!

Age –  Home heating systems age – they wear out – they will break down. Do you want to continue to spend money on heating and air conditioning repairs to a system that is going to require more work as time goes on?

As Oklahoman’s, we know about those cold winter days with ice and snow. Don’t be faced with needing a furnace replacement when the temperatures are in the single digits. Let AccuAir inspect your heating and air conditioning system and make sure you are ready for winter!

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