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The Importance of Filters for your Heat and Air System

Changing your Heating and Air filters monthly will prove to be advantageous for your home.  Heat and Air Filters provide clean air to your system and the occupants, and the air flow through the filter is required for all heating and air conditioning units to work properly.  Without proper air flow the A/C may freeze and not allow air flow.  This can create a stress on your heat and air unit as well as your utility bill.  Using properly sized filters in your unit and changing them often will assure a more comfortable home as well as a longer life for your heating and air conditioning system.  Filters should be changed every 1-3 months based on the type of filter you purchase and environmental conditions.

There are many filter choices available, so be sure choose the right filter(s) for you and your family as well as your heat and air conditioning system.  If you are unsure of what type of filter is best for your home, we would be honored to speak with you about that.

Our goal is to keep you comfortable in the hot Oklahoma summer, and to help you avoid costly air conditioning repair.