5 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Furnace

5 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Furnace

Replacing your furnace in your Tulsa, OK home is a big decision. You need to ask several questions and consider a lot of factors. If you don’t want to end up wallowing in remorse after purchasing a new furnace, then this post is for you.

Here are 5 things you should consider before replacing your furnace:

Your Budget

How much money do you want to spend on this big investment? Do you consider the initial purchase cost and long-term efficiency when setting up a budget?

It is important that you invest in a highly-efficient furnace for your home. However, buying units with high-efficiency cost more compared to the less efficient ones. That’s not a problem! At Accu-Air, we have flexible financing programs that help homeowners reduce the financial burden of purchasing a new furnace.

Your Unit’s Age

Is your furnace getting old? Is it showing signs of breakdown, such as lost efficiency, decrease reliability, strange noises, inconsistent heating, and change in burner flame color? These are warning signs that maintenance or repair can’t keep away, so it’s probably time to invest in a new furnace.

Frequency of Repairs

Repairing your unit is ideally a part of your commitment to maintaining its best shape. If the repeated, costly repairs cause you much trouble, then you should think of a better solution. This way, you can avoid shelling out a big amount of money in the future. Replacing it also brings additional benefits to your health, comfort, and safety as a whole.

Unit’s Size

The size of the furnace you installed in your home has something to do with your comfort and your unit’s efficiency. Installing a big unit in your small space can lead to poor heating. Conversely, small units installed in large spaces may have a hard time heating the entire area. Our experts conduct a load calculation to determine the right unit size for any space. You might want to consider that to get the exact furnace size for your home.

Maintenance Plan

It is also worth considering the value of a good maintenance plan for your new furnace. With annual maintenance, your manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid while keeping your unit in good shape. You can get this maintenance program from your HVAC company.

Need to Upgrade to A New Furnace?

Do you need a new furnace? Or simply want to upgrade your existing heating system in the Tulsa Metro area? Accu-Air helps homeowners make their new furnace installation a success. Contact us today for a free estimate!