Tips for Getting Your A/C Ready for the Summer

Tips for Getting Your A/C Ready for the Summer

Spring is the best time to get your air conditioner in Kiefer, OK ready for the summer. By performing proper maintenance during the season, you are more likely to lower the chances of repairs, enjoy optimum cooling, and pay lower bills in the summer.

Here are the five (5) steps for prepping your air conditioner for the summer:

Check Your Thermostat

Give your thermostat a fresh start after the long cold months. Check its battery and replace it whenever necessary. Update the temperature setting that works best this spring. Also, check its age if it already needs a replacement.

Replace Your Air Filter

Your cooling system could work harder, and the proper airflow can be blocked because of dirty air filters. Remember, the warm months alone are exhausting enough for your system even without the added strain of a dirty air filter. So give your unit the help it needs by reducing its pressure. Change your filters regularly.

Clean Your Indoor Vents and Registers

Include a vent and register vacuuming on your maintenance checklist. Little dust buildup in these components are just fine, but the excessive debris, unwanted odor, and ripped insulation pieces could indicate bigger issues. Contact your local A/C contractor in Kiefer, OK for fast and dependable repair

Clear Out Debris from Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit needs enough space to breathe. Check for bending fence panels, fallen leaves, overgrown landscaping, and other debris that might hinder your unit’s operation. Two to three feet clearance around your outdoor unit is enough for it to work properly. Give it a rinse using a hose when dirt and dust pile up its components.

Sign Up for Spring Preventive Maintenance

This is something you should do every year. Instead of requesting an individual service call every time you experience a comfort problem, why not sign up for a preventive maintenance agreement? It handles all the needed repairs and services at a lower cost. Talk to your local HVAC contractor to find the right agreement that fits your budget.

You should stay on top of your A/C maintenance tasks this spring if you want to keep cool in the summer. Our A/C specialists at Accu-Air can help you with all your air conditioning needs in Kiefer, OK and the surrounding areas. Plus, we provide maintenance programs that fit any budget.

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